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A more realistic January


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Starting Over

Reboot of the Blog I'm winding down my Facebook use. That whole destruction of democracy thing weighs on my soul. I know that it's probably impossible to give it up completely. Social media is like oxygen in our disconnected society as well as the general precarity of our jobs. But I am committed to using it less and less and definitely not getting my politics and news from it. So, I'm going to bring this blog back and start using it to corral some of the things that I am reading and share them out. I'll probably set up an email list too for anyone who's interested. I'm sorry that we're having to go back to walled gardens, but between foreign disinformation, surveillance capitalism and generally more challenges to social media use, it's going to have to happen. Even this blog content itself is product that someone is monetizing. I'm going to start using some of this extra time I'm now blessed with to explore alternatives to "free"

Breaking Up the Usual

Photo by Paul Bergmeir on Unsplash There was a moment in my life a few years ago when I realized I had pretty much met every type of person in the world. I think I can put most everyone into an archetype. I haven’t really articulated those out loud, but I can reasonably guess most people's their political leanings, salaries, professions, and lifestyles/beliefs. Sure, I’d be wrong sometimes, but at the moment I'm writing this, I’m sure I can generally figure out how to relate to this random group of people I’m looking at in the coffee shop. I’d talk about startups and business with the spoiled 30-ish male with baseball cap on backwards, I’d talk about the politics of healthcare with the late 50’s white male with shorts and novelty shirt that suggests “I’m retired,” and I’d talk traffic and old Austin with the middle aged lady with the early adult daughter that appears to be developmentally delayed. And so on. But these kind of topics are so damn predic
Por el camine del sitio mio un carretero alegre paso con su canciones que es muy sentida y muy guajira allegre canto Me voy al transbordador a descargar la carretera (bis) para cumplir con la meta de mi pequena labor A caballo vamos pa'l monte a caballo vamos pa'l monte (bis) Yo trabajo sin reposo para poderme casar (bis) y si lo llego a lograr sere un guajiro dichoso A caballo vamos pa'l monte a caballo vamos pa'l monte (bis) Soy guajiro y carretero y en el campo vivo bien (bis) porque el campo es el eden mas lindo del mundo entero A caballo vamos pa'l monte a caballo vamos pa'l monte (bis) Chapea el monte,cultiva el llano recoge el fruto,de tu sudor (bis)