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Showing posts from February 16, 2003
We need to share more of everything without reservation. I know this to be true and know that real progress occurs only when we share selflessly, but I’m trying to work something out. Let’s see if I can define the problem first, see if the problem is real and logical (?). I borrow liberally from other people’s ideas to better improve the way I communicate, act, think and basically exist. If I see a good idea, I first try to understand its basic form, why it works and how it can be repurposed for some need I have. I think this is healthy and is what defines humans as smart monkeys. The frustrating part of this is needless duplication. For example, if you think my idea for say, a newspaper on the plight of minimum wage workers is really a good one and you decide to use the concept for a newspaper on I don’t know, let’s say ironwork, I think that you have effectively repurposed my idea and that is commendable. My concern is that when you try to start your own newspaper on the