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Supplements I Have Loved

We are eating very different food than our grandparents and most certainly different from our more distant ancestors. Not only has the nutritional density of food decreased over time due to modern farming , researchers are now suggesting that the carbohydrate density of food has increased as well, making plants and all the things that consume them less healthy by impacting metabolism at the same time as the nutrients are diminished . This has the unfortunate effect of making us consume more while benefiting less. I'm not Kurzweil crazy - yet. I’d like to think that this is why I’m so interested in nutritional supplements as I have slowly gotten into the habit of consuming a wide variety of them daily. While it stands to reason that we need to compensate for the lack of nutrition in our diets, if I’m honest with myself I really take supplements for the same reasons that we over consume medications; we’re all looking for a quick fix or an edge, enhancing ourselves to productiv