Monday, October 17, 2016

A slightly dated list of places to check out in New Orleans

All of these distances apply if you are staying in or around the Marigny, which I believe is an ideal location to experience the city.

Marigny – Triangle (very close to you)
Spotted Cat – great music club, little or no cover, great dancing
Dba – cocktail lounge with cool New Orleans bands
La Peniche Horn's – a fine update of an iconic location with good breakfasts by the Slim Goodies people.
Snug Harbor – Burgers as big as your head

Marigny – Rectangle (a cheap cab ride/Uber away - <$8)
Mimi’s in the Marigny (Bar-upstairs they serve tapas and have great bands play in an intimate setting)1
Orange Couch – Great coffee shop and an easy walk from Royal Street Inn.  During the day, the neighborhood is a visual delight2

French Quarter
Coop’s – Dive bar with a great kitchen of classic food.  Oyster po-boys. 3
Cosimo’s – What a bar in the French Quarter should be.  Local, chill and affordable4
Molly’s on the Market – bar with a great jukebox, people watching.  Check out the frozen Irish Coffee.  This place stayed open the whole time through Katrina and the aftermath5

Mid-City (take the Canal Streetcar to these places)
Mandina’s – Seriously old-school seafood joint6
Brocato’s – a quick jog from Mandina’s.  Family owned ice cream shop that has been blowing minds for 75 years7

Uptown (take the St. Charles streetcar to these places)
Cooter Brown’s – maybe the world’s best bar food.  Try the Radiator Special (1/2 shrimp/oyster poboy with melted cheese on top) 8
Mat and Naddie’s – excellent (but not pretentious) restaurant and a streetcar ride away from downtown9
  1. This is where I spent many many happy hours through very late nights. 
  2. This is the neighborhood where Cassie and I owned a home (920 Spain St).  I once tried to launch a coup of the neighborhood association here
  3. This is where steampunk people eat food
  4. One of the few bars I will tolerate in the French Quarter
  5. I love sitting in the window and watching the people around 4pm until dusk
  6. Neon in the window and old dudes at the bar
  7. The strawberry ice is made with Ponchatoula strawberries.  Amazing.  Great selection of sweets.
  8. There is a bartender there who has been serving drinks for 20 years.  That’s amazing.  It amazes me that I have had at least one drink and often many more there every year for that same 20
  9. Locally owned, locally grown fine dining.  This is where progressive New Orleanians eat