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Showing posts from December 7, 2003
If you have benefited in some way from the Marigny's
public e-mail list, I hope you can help maintain it as
another information source in our community.

In an article ( ) in
the neighborhood newspaper, there was some discussion of
the Marigny's e-mail lists and web sites. Much of the confusion
and acrimony over these issues seems to stem from the fact that
the FMIA does not like for there to be an outside information
source about the community that they do not control. Recently,
they have insisted on having control of the domain name, even though they had acknowledged
over a year ago that they actually had no control over it. You
can see the minutes from the July 8, 2002 meeting here:

Recently, I resisted the hand off of to the board
because I felt it would be confusing for most people because that
address was familiar as a public…