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The Importance of Breaks

When you’re 50, physical activity gets very interesting. Training as hard as you can feels great and anything you can do to build muscle is a good long-term investment in an old body. On the other hand, I see people who end up with stress and overuse injuries that end up taking a long, long time to recover. While I have not had any major injuries (seriously knocking on wood here) since I started Krav Maga about two and half years ago, I am very much aware of the possibility of injury and potential loss of fitness that could arise from a forced recovery period that takes longer than a few weeks.  What my millennial training partners see. Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash Almost all of the serious injuries I have seen in others are related to some sort of overuse or overtraining. I’d even posit that most of the minor injuries I’ve seen (or sustained) due to accidents have their roots in overly exhausted training partners. In many cases they are the result of not being in