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Yesterday was the last day of a weekend of baseball tournaments for this guy. Unfortunately, the team was bested by their opponents in a three hotly contested games.  My son is a pretty good ballplayer. He makes up for his average athleticism with a good mind for the game and incredible powers of observation.  What really amazes me is his absolute love of the game. After playing a hard game, his only wish besides eating the sandwich he had stuffed in his gear bag was to watch some other teams play. It wasn't watching the team he had just played, it was ANY game. So, after a long day, we sat in the stands and watched more games played by teams we've never heard of. Then we walked to another field where he could watch a team in his league play for the championship. Hunger and baseball overload finally got the best of me and I made the suggestion that we go get some dinner.  On our way out of the fields, a homerun baseball came flying over a fence. Santiago shagged it and