Saturday, March 07, 2009

Holy Ghosts and Talk Show Hosts

The question with this guy is what's the best choice for an education that equips him effectively for a complex world? Went to Austin Waldorf. Maybe it's the one?

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Santiago and I Collaborate on Haiku

Plenty of french fries
We need some catchup as well
They are delicious

A monkey tub toy
It is stuck in the plumbing
My toilet over flows
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Work E-mail

This is a a report from Xobni that shows the average amount of e-mail I send and receive every day since August of last year at work only. I filtered out auto generated, mailing list and of course, spam email and show only that which is sent to me by a human. That's on average 100 pieces of mail a day during the work week. I find that to be a pretty significant volume, and I'd say at least half involves me taking some sort of action. How does that compare to other people's volume? I'd love to hear your comments.