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Back in Austin

12/29/2008 Originally uploaded by Edward Melendez We're back in town. The Boy is on the mend, but like his folks is definitely tired from the NM trip.

Train Ride to Lamy

I do recommend the train ride from Santa Fe to Lamy, NM. The food is an ad hoc affair, but very good New Mexican fare like green chile stew can be had from a vendor set up outside the Lamy depot. Beautiful countryside in the winter and the hippest train engineer ever.

Snowy Morning

It looks like the antibiotics kicked in. Santiago is in a much better mood. Even up for some shenanigans in the snow at the grandparent's house. We've still spent most of the day recuperating, but we're planning dinner out and hopefully a trip downtown to see the luminarias.
So, yes indeed, Santiago has an ear infection, but the MD suspects pneumonia, so we got to experience chest x-rays and life's rich pagaent at the only 24hr Walgreen's in the area. Ever wonder who hangs out at a drugstore on Christmas Day? Seriously odd folks, like the guy in the picture with the holiday themed wheelchair. Another patron overheard at the pick up counter: "who denied her valium? The doctor? The insurance company?"  Ah, the humanity!

Xmas Day in Corrales

Happy holidays to anyone reading this. We're probably taking the boy to see a doctor today. He's pulling on his ear and he's still a little cranky.

The Trip to ABQ

I think everybody is ready for a trip. I have just begun to decompress from work and might finally be in the mood for some relaxation. The Xmas eve crowds at the airport aren't bad at all. Feels like less than a typical weekday morning. Maybe this is one of those examples of the economic slowdown, but it sure is nice when you're traveling with a kiddo.

This is a Test

Did I set up the blog by mail feature correctly? Did I?
Research for a Scenario Project  

Why I Like Whole Foods

11/16/2008 Originally uploaded by Edward Melendez They pay a living wage to their employees who, as a result, have the time to work on their artistic and political passions.

A Picture of My Bookmarks

My Bookmarks Originally uploaded by Edward Melendez This is a pretty cool representation of my interests.

Improv 301 Graduation

The Graduating Class Originally uploaded by Austin Improv Collective There we are, a bunch of kooky improvisers. I'm the guy not wearing glasses on the right.


s @ amy's

The Boy and I spent the evening together while mom was a good citizen and neighbor. Santiago is starting at a new school next week (Primavera Montessori) and we're all coming back after I traveled a whole bunch.

Bragging on The Boy...

boy @ zocalo Originally uploaded by Edward Melendez We had a great weekend together. No, I didn't do enough "work," but we got in some swimming, some great together time and some good times singing and dancing with friends. We're very fortunate to have such a charming, engaging and imaginative son. There really are some weekends you wish could go on forever, or just a couple more days...
Restaurant Inspection Scores Source: City of Austin
Cool Logo Stuff From New Orleans Public Library I have a deep fondness for libraries and you gotta dig library themed clothing.
Thinking Outside the Big Box The recent uptick in big-box projects and proposals in the Crescent City, fueled by tax subsidies and other costly giveaways, has left owners of smaller home-grown businesses in related industries gritting their teeth and bracing for hard times. They might not have a champion in City Hall, but an Emmy Award-winning journalist is working to shine a light on their situation with his documentary film-in-progress, "Independent America: Rising from the Ruins." The final feature-length documentary is scheduled to be ready for national broadcast by early fall. Dig It
Film Preview: Rising from Ruins "Independent America filmmaker takes to the road again in search for the story behind the recovery of New Orleans in “Independent America: Rising From Ruins” Independent film director and Emmy Award-winning journalist, Hanson Hosein, leaves behind his pregnant wife and travel partner in Seattle as he takes to the regional roads for a 3,000 mile journey to investigate how Mom and Pop businesses are doing in post-Katrina New Orleans." Powerful stuff from people I'm proud to know. dig it
Moose in the Marigny One of my old conspirators from Critical Mass days, Moose, is having an art party at Mimi's in the Marigny on April 9. You should go.
A Blast from the Past A found a stack of these while cleaning out some clutter the other day. I am so proud that the organization is alive and well and in great hands.

building scenarios v1

building scenarios v1 Originally uploaded by Edward Melendez From Art of the Long View
momovelo, you are missed As I was admiring a fine commuter bike I saw on the street yesterday, I was reminded of the late, great momovelo. momovelo was a bike shop in Berkeley run by a guy named Kai and it was one of the most clever niche retailers I have ever seen. Kai put together bicycles to suit the flaneur crowd. momovelo used well made and unique components but had a classic quality; these weren't the showy, gadgety bikes you see the masses riding around in. These were objects of utility and beauty simultaneously. Kai's website featured pictures of them in urban settings – one bike, a spartan looking city bike in robin's egg blue was pictured with some type of squash attached by bungie cords to its rack, as though its owner was returning with an impromptu purchase from a farmer's market or roadside stand. Great stuff for those of us who see bikes as some cross between work tools and slightly mystical objects. His retail shop was a stylishly decorated bo
The Subtle Beauty of Lunch Hour Walks

An Excuse to go to Gingerman and Stay Too Long

alex at gingerman Originally uploaded by Edward Melendez Alex came to visit his brother, who's working here in Austin. Sure, it's no NYC, but Gingerman sure has a lot of beer.