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Showing posts from July 15, 2007
For New Orleans Folks (note: I didn't write this) From the "Louisiana Events" E-mail List: "FROM TOURO BOULIGNY MEETING: Capt. of 2nd Dist. demonstrated tonight this new on-line source of crime incidents occurring within 1 mile radius of a given address. There is a lag time of about 5 days for the info presented. 1st - access the NOPD at WWW.NOPD.COM 2nd - click on NOPD Crime Map (left column) 3rd - click on sentence that begins "click this link to view interactive crime, etc. 4th - enter address and click submit (this will resolve to a map with yellow location of address.) 5th - Click on City Services at top on page and that will present a drop down menu; select NOPD. This will resolve to a page that will show all crime incidents within 1 mile radius of the address in last 30 days. Put the cursor on any symbol to see brief details. Detail results are shown at bottom of this page with Police report number, Street, Description, and incident date. Check it o
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