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Showing posts from July 1, 2001
Haircut night tonight at The Hair Asylum, formerly known as the artist called Salon Millenia. Come visit us for cocktails and hair inspired shenanigans at: 513 Dumaine St, New Orleans, LA 70116, from 6-9. Or call us there at 504-522-7426.
Strange, but good weekend. Our wacky friends Kenny and Jennifer came over for dinner Friday night. I made fajitas from this recipe and margaritas. The fajitas kicked ass. Saturday, work out at the club and a Spanish class with Ari. Sunday had another work out and a visit from Cassie's parents. We made Moscow Mules . You can read the history of the Moscow Mule here . Oh yeah, here's the recipe in Japanese . I studied Hiragana for a while. Then my old school mate and Baja Bug aficionado Charlie Ford called.