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Strange, but good weekend. Our wacky friends Kenny and Jennifer came over for dinner Friday night. I made fajitas from this recipe and margaritas. The fajitas kicked ass. Saturday, work out at the club and a Spanish class with Ari. Sunday had another work out and a visit from Cassie's parents. We made Moscow Mules . You can read the history of the Moscow Mule here. Oh yeah, here's the recipe in Japanese. I studied Hiragana for a while. Then my old school mate and Baja Bug aficionado Charlie Ford called.


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Some Things You Can Do to Get Ready

Version 1 - 3/9/2020
Version 2 - 3/10/2020 (fixed the awful formatting from my word processor, added link to information resources).

First off, I’m writing this in a personal capacity. Nothing I say here reflects the views of my employer. Second, I’m writing this from the perspective of someone who reads a fair amount and thinks about these things. I’m not a doctor, or positioning myself in any way as an authority on these issues.

I am someone who saw the meltdown of one city firsthand after Hurricane Katrina and watched the US government struggle to assist people in need. I was also teased unmercifully for my many years of over reaction every time there was a hurricane near the city. But you only have to be right once.

I will be updating this and adding links as I think of more.

Expect Social Distancing Mandates/Requirements
What we know from the influenza pandemic from 1918-1919 is that when you don’t have antibiotics, antivirals, vaccines, or sophisticated respirator technology, yo…
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