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Showing posts from July 15, 2001
Late night and a long day yesterday. I took a day trip to Dallas for work and worked very hard. Little groggy today. The theme for the day is "considerate autonomy." By that I mean following your own path while still respecting the rights and feelings of others.
Last night I studied my Japanese and played with a gnutella front end called Lime Wire. It's pretty slick, but the selection of music really bites. The problem with monopolies is not that they corner a market. It's after they corner a market and investors are crying for more profits and more growth. Then the only choices are to raise prices (phone companies) or convince people they need the new and improved version (electronics manufacturers), or both (microsoft).
This is one of those days to dig in for the long haul. While I did miss the neighborhood association meeting last night, I had a couple of pleasant conversations in the R Bar with authentic neighborhood residents.
No thoughts right now worth sharing, I suppose. However, it does seem like a good exercise to put something down. I saw this bumper sticker the other day: "If you had agoraphobia, you'd be home by now."
great, his dad really is running the country
On Saturday night, I went with Alex to see a baseball game. The New Orleans Zephyrs, versus somebody else. I don't even remember who. Mostly, the trip was an excuse for cheese fries, chicken tenders, oversized cocktails and daquiris and hanging out. They gave us those new gold dollars as change, which initially confused me greatly. After the game, we headed over to Ernie K-Doe's Mother In Law Lounge to check out the post funeral aftermath.