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Showing posts from May 25, 2003
Fun Stuff From My Home Town

BUSTER SOUTHERLY, GREEN LEFT WEEKLY - On May 1, poet, teacher, youth
poetry coach and Green Left Weekly writer Bill Nevins received a terse
notice from the Rio Rancho School District informing him that he has
been fired from his Rio Rancho High School teaching position, effective
from August. Reasons for his termination were not stated. Nevins has
requested an explanation.

Nevins was suspended on March 17 from his job as a humanities teacher
and coach of the RRHS Poetry Team/Write Club. RRHS is the largest public
high school in New Mexico, built with funding from the Intel Corporation
in the late 1990s. Nevins' suspension came soon after a student poetry
club member read "Revolution X", an anti-government, anti-war
social-commentary poem, over the school's closed-circuit TV system.
Following Nevins' suspension, student poets were questioned by the RRHS
administration and their poems were "investigated" for "profanity and