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Showing posts from November 2, 2003
From Brian Marks:

The Beehive Design Collective, a group of graphics-oriented global justice
activists, will be touring Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas in the
weeks following the School of the Americas/Miami Free Trade Area of the
Americas actions in the U.S. Southeast this month. They estimate they will
be in Louisiana sometime around the last week of November or first week of
December. For those not familiar, the Beehive does interactive
presentations/discussions of large, detailed posters they have created
about topics such as the Plan Colombia, War on Drugs and Corporate
Militarism, The Free Trade Area of the Americas, Biotechnology, Bicycles
and the Story of an Orange (about the corporate food system and

Check out the Beehive online at:

If interested in hosting the Beehive at your: university, political/civic
organization, or especially high schools (they are very interested in
speaking at high schools) please email the Hive at: