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Showing posts from August 10, 2003
8/5/03 San Cristobal In the afternoon, we went to K’inal Antzetik (Land of Women), an indigenous women’s collective selling traditional textiles to the national and international community. We met with four women, three of whom were members of the board of directors and one who was a consultant to the group. They represent approximately 30 communities, acting as the agent both in San Cristobal as well as various markets in Europe. 8/6/03 San Cristobal Today, we leave for the city of Comitan, approximately an hour and a half from San Cristobal. We took Combis, collective Suburban type SUVs, to the city. We transferred to the back of pickup trucks for the bumpy ride into the neighboring villages. The first village we entered was Las Laureleas (sp?), a village of approximately 45 families, comprising about 200 people. Under a big tree and while the children of farmers scatted about, we listened as each of the designated speakers took turns talking about an aspect of life in t