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Krav Maga and Self Defense Topics #2

 Need to study this hand wrap technique.
Audio Interference: Teaching Self-Defense
“When I first took karate, I was already an activist. And I could see right away what this could do for women in the 70s.” — Annie Ellman

Good reminder of how privilege can be at play when we practice martial arts, with the luxury of multiple memberships (I'm guilty) and extended coursework (also). Great podcast featuring interviews with two groups that teach self-defense skills: Pop Gym and the Center for Anti-Violence Education.

Dealing with Strikes from the Guard
Practical self defense BJJ training. I'm always surpised how much sport jiu jitsu does not reflect the realities of fighting, so this is a refreshing change. Kind of a "no-duh" for Krav people, but good nonetheless.

Why Krav Maga is Different from Martial Arts
"A Krav Maga practitioner is not challenging anyone in their realm, or in any other realm.  We are normal people living our lives. We are comfortable in who we are and confident enough to not have to challenge anyone in an ego contest."


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